WebMoney has added Litecoin

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The WebMoney Transfer system has added a new WML title unit to which Litecoin (LTC) cryptocurrency will be equated. WML is a unit for recording property rights to post entries in the Litecoin blockchain. The guarantor is the company INDX Transactions LTD, which will be deposited with the cryptocurrency of the system participants.

Course 1 WML established by the guarantor will be 0.001 LTC. WML will be credited immediately after LTC addresses will be  provided by the guarantor for storage receive at least twenty confirmations in the Litecoin peer-to-peer network database (on average, it takes 50 minutes). It will be possible to transfer any amount of Litecoin to the system, but enrollment to WML will occur only for values exceeding 0.0001 LTC. LTC withdrawal is possible only for amounts greater than the equivalent of 1 WML.

As for commissions, their size will depend on the current commissions in the Litecoin network, at the moment it is but not less than 0.001 LTC and not more than 0.01 LTC. Accordingly, the higher the commission is, the higher the transaction FeeRate is (the ratio of the transaction fee in LTC to its size in kB). So the higher the FeeRate is, the faster your transaction will be confirmed by the Litecoin network.

Well, this is great news, since it greatly simplifies the withdrawal of cryptocurrency in Fiat, because at the moment the delay in processing transactions in the Bitcoin network can reach up to several days and the commission has increased greatly because of this. Lightcoin will help reduce this burden, as well as allow cashing of cryptocurrency for CIS citizens faster and with minimal losses. This may also affect the cryptocurrency rate, as the need for it will increase.

This is a very good opportunity, as it is convenient firstly, and secondly it is very safe. This is perhaps one of the few payment systems that have begun to implement.

What do You mean? WebMoney is just one of the last who introduces cryptocurrency. Especially, since they are not implementing it, but a third-party company does. So, what about the security here is a moot point

What payment systems have already been implemented, if in your opinion, this payment system has been implemented by one of the latter? Maybe not the very first, but in terms of security it seems to me that there are no equal.

Anyway, there are payment systems that have been working in the market for a long time and I think that new payment systems that come in can do nothing.

I counted about 13 wallets in my office. It turns out that in addition to the ruble, the dollar and the euro, all the others are wallets that belong to cryptocurrencies.

Yes, I did not notice. Are you using an application on a smartphone or not on a computer? If on the computer, then there is nothing to update. It must be updated by itself.

It is automatically updated on my smartphone and if such a function is disabled, then you can simply enter and update manually. You will be told when a more recent version will be released.

On the contrary, there are a lot of payment systems now, we just don’t know everything. Everything makes advertising. The better the company is promoted, the more money you can earn.

They started bravo like that, and now many have forgotten what Laycoin cryptocurrency is, because all attention is focused on another cryptocurrency.

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