The hacker group published the first part of the documents revealing the truth about September 11, 2001

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The hacker group TheDarkOverlord, which previously threatened to disclose secret information about the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, if it did not receive a certain amount of bitcoins, released the first part of the documents.

According to the attackers, they managed to steal documents containing secret information about the 9/11 attacks from 18,000 insurance companies. They promise not to show the contents of the documents to the community if a ransom is paid in bitcoins.

The archive consists of five levels of documents, each of which reveals “more and more secrets, more SSI, SCI materials on government investigations, more defamatory materials and, in general, more truth.”

The administration of the social network Twitter has already blocked the account of hackers, however, they began to transmit information on Steemit – a social platform that operates on the blockchain and is resistant to censorship.

On January 3, a fraudulent group said it was not interested in the truth. They do all this for the sole purpose of making money. The amount of disclosure of each level of documents was also named.

“Taking into account our motives (money and only) we declare that we are not interested in the truth and we will not provide documents until we receive the full amount. However, in order to create transparency of the process, we officially publish a compensation plan. In the table below you can see the amounts that must be paid for the disclosure of each package of documents, ”hackers report on Steemit.

Since its first publication, the community has already sent 3 BTC donations to hackers, in connection with which the first set of documents was made public. Moreover, it is worth noting that the principal amount was deposited in one transaction.

According to CCN, on September 11, 2001, even after 18 years, there is great interest among the world community. Many say that the terrorist attack on this day was a turning point in American history. Hundreds of thousands of people do not believe in the official version of what happened, so they are interested in such statements by hackers who can publish reliable data.

Yes, no one will pay such large amounts. Here they can simply pull to the last, so that you can solve the crime and bring them to the clear water.

There may be access to such information, but all the same, once such conditions go, they can easily be thrown in the truest sense of the word. Why such a price to stir up the past and what will it give?

If they are negotiating so calmly, then why has nobody taken them and punished so far? As soon as such people get in touch, it is immediately necessary to take measures so that they do not do anything else.

Or maybe these are simple crooks who decided to take possession of such assets in such a simple way. Everything about the network is very controversial.

Maybe this way they do quite a good advertising for themselves, because if they were silent and would not demand anything, they could just do it and there was no such publicity, then nothing would have happened.

What kind of advertising can there be, if this is a criminal case and nobody will risk just for the sake of advertising – this is 100%. That is why such big demands.

Why, no matter what tragedy happens, it still seems to me that no one will ever believe in the official version, especially what happened there – this is generally a mystery.

If after so many years this topic is still so relevant, then I would think, honestly. If this is just an opportunity to make money on it, then this is understandable. There should be no other motive.

I did not think that there would still be such an interest around this topic. I went to school when this happened. It was a shock for me, but like any other tragedy, everything is forgotten very quickly.

Only yesterday I watched a program about this tragedy and was amazed just by the scale of this operation and how it was possible to even think of such a thing even in protest.

Yes, a terrible tragedy and most likely that there are no equal in the world. I remember it like now, when it thundered all over the world and it would seem yes, the USA, New York. It seems nothing foreshadows trouble, and there it is. Now they want to make money on this.

Now there is a global fight against terrorism all over the world and still continue to do it. It’s just that the United States touched it openly, where so many people died, so this will be remembered for a lifetime.

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