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By developer on March 31, 2019 0 Comments

The year is coming to an end and it would be nice to take stock and draw conclusions and outline an action plan for the next period of time. Although my experiment with mining started only about six months ago, I think that this is quite enough to draw certain conclusions.

I bought the first mining cards at the beginning of July, so six months is also a good reporting period. Although I was lucky to get into the wave, I believe that it is already possible to draw certain conclusions from the experience and mistakes made.

After a brief analysis, it was decided to buy the most simple cards that can mine plus. So the first cards were two Radeon Rx460 and one Radeon RX560. I got rid of the last one rather quickly, since at the price it was significantly more expensive than the RX460s and mining was exactly the same.

Next, the GeForce GTX1050 card was added to my arsenal after which I realized how wrong I was with the first cards and that I didn’t have a sufficient analysis of the market, maps and prospects.

Well, at the end of the year, just before the start of the new wave of the altcoin market boom, I managed to buy GeForce GTX1060 6gb, GeForce GTX750Ti and Radeon RX480 Nitro + 8Gb cards at an affordable price.

If I had changed it today, I would have about 500,550 dollars. However, I changed it throughout the entire time and therefore the average price was at the level of 350,400 dollars.

Also, recently I began to extract ether and yesterday I brought out my first Minimal to 0.05 ether, which was 38 dollars in exchange. The total duration of mining was less than a week, since I was interrupting mining and transferring power to ZEC. If I did not do this, I think that the minimum salary would have accumulated in 5 days.

We consider mined coins worth 400 + 38 dollars, cards sold 200 + 130 dollars. Total by rough calculations it turns out 768 dollars. An average of $ 30 was spent on electricity. Total 30 * 6, we get 180 dollars. Again, by rough calculations, round off the resulting amount to $ 600.

The initial investment was $ 1,500. However, not all the money was spent directly then. At that time, I invested about $ 1,000 in mining. These are cards, power supplies and some small things since I had a platform. Another 500 were invested in the beginning of this month in the new GeForce GTX 1060 6Gb and Radeon RX 480 Nitro + 8Gb cards.

Thus, out of 1,500 invested funds, 600 have already been returned and approximately $ 650 is still in the cards (+ GeForce GTX 1050). Power supplies and platforms, I do not think so, as it is a less liquid asset and even this will be necessary to continue operations.

Today, only the GTX1060 and RX480 cards bring $ 123 to the zCash. If you connect another GTX1050 to them, then we can safely talk about $ 150 a month. Minus electricity – it turns out 120 dollars. On Ether, these same two cards (GTX1060 and RX480) will give about 40-43 dollars a week, which is essentially the same, but in this case the minimum amount has to wait a week, and ZEC comes every day and sometimes twice a day. Plus, ZEC can mine 1050. Perhaps in the future, when I only have maps of level 1060 and higher, I will stop on Ether. In the meantime, it is like this.

My year was less intense, as I continue to mine cryptocurrency on the equipment that exists. The only thing that was in shock was the bitcoin price.

Yes, now there are a lot of cryptocurrencies on which you can earn good money, so you should not be limited to Bitcoins, because they will soon end and this will not be relevant.

Yes, you can earn yourself at one time, if the course jumps heavily, no problem. If you know how to make money, then you will definitely not be left without money.It’s easier to earn money, but it seems to me that if you didn’t buy the cryptocurrency for money, but you tried to get it yourself, then even if the project stops, it’s still not a shame.

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