Hackers from North Korea continue to attack cryptocurrency exchange

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A group of experts of the UN Security Council has prepared a report in which it claims that hackers from North Korea are conducting major attacks on cryptocurrency exchanges in order to find means to bypass economic sanctions.

Cryptocurrencies allow the ruling regime to shy away from sanctions imposed on them for their nuclear and missile programs. North Korea’s foreign exchange earnings come mainly from coal exports, but sanctions have greatly reduced both coal exports and foreign exchange earnings from coal sales.

The report’s authors claim that North Korea, in an attempt to replenish its foreign exchange reserves, switched to attacks from cryptocurrency exchanges. Among other things, cryptocurrencies make it possible to launder money repeatedly they are independent of any government regulation and easily cross any borders.

According to the report, from January 2017 to September 2018, North Korea conducted a series of successful attacks on Asian cryptocurrency exchanges and caused damage of $ 571 million. Group IB experts received the same data, which they published in October last year. However, the charges were more targeted. So according to the experts of Group IB, attacks were carried out by a single group calling itself Lazarus.

The National Intelligence Service of South Korea (NIS) also attributed the theft of tens of millions of dollars in cryptocurrencies, committed in 2017, to North Korean hackers.

The report will soon be officially presented to the UN Security Council, but now the report’s authors recommended that UN member states create more effective ways of exchanging information on cyber attacks by the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea with other governments and their own financial institutions to prevent further attacks or at least minimize the consequences. For example, if the attack was successful, it is necessary to quickly disseminate information about the wallets to which transfers were made, so that later the largest stock exchanges could track them not to block when attempting to cash out.

It will calm you down if you come out to the people who stand behind it, because if you reveal all these schemes, then you will be absolutely shocked how such a thing could be.

All of them are ordinary, only some go their own way, while others allow themselves a little more and go to such measures, but it’s definitely not about me.

This is not news, but most likely the reality of life. Sooner or later, they are still covered and brought to clean water, so this may be their last success.

How different? Everything that is created and works through the Internet is now a subject to attacks. So the level of security is something that everyone should pay attention to.

Maybe the opposite is good. That such people exist, because it is thanks to them that it turns out to improve the security of the exchanges and this is only a plus for us.

There is nothing good in this, because trust in such companies immediately falls because of this and people begin to doubt whether it is worth doing at all.

We seem to be the most intelligent of them, so they can close them, but not in our country, abroad. It still does not change the essence, because this is not the first and not the last case.

Everywhere there are such specialists a network, just among our most likely their greatest number, because our IT industry is developing at a very rapid pace.

The fact of the matter is that it’s very sad that it’s because now money decides everything and it’s a shame because there’s a lot of bad things along with good things.

There are a lot of such talents now, but still it is not clear where they study, who trains them. There must be a reason why people choose such a profession.

Where there is a lot of money, there are, in principle, very large opportunities. So there is no need to look for anyone. Such people will find themselves and offer you their services.

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