Bounty company of Play Bets project

By developer on March 12, 2019 0 Comments

I propose to consider and participate in the company Bounty project Play Bets. You should be ready for long-term work as the Bounty company is designed for a long term.

Since almost all Bounty start with the bitcointalk forum, you must have an account on this forum. Members with the status Newbie and above are allowed to participate in this Bounty.

I will consider participation options for newbies. This is a Facebook and twitter company. More advanced users can participate in other Bounty Play Bets.

The company is not interested in fake likes and repost, but interested in expanding our audience. Maximum number of seats 1000! You can track campaign status here.

The number of your subscribers directly affects the reward you get 100+ subscribers – 2.5 shares per week 500+ subscribers – 7.5 shares per week 1000+ subscribers – 12.5 shares per week 3000+ subscribers – 22.5 shares per week. We can exclude you if you suspect spam or using bots. Maximum number of places – 500! You can track campaign status here.

It is necessary to track information in the forum topic https //bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2490923.0. Usually the company provides a form to report in about the topic of done work. Information about this should appear in the branch.

I think that it is possible to try, because Bitkions started like this in their time, only how was it possible to believe in this cryptocurrency when there were a lot of similar projects along the way.

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