Bitmain company officially announced a new generation of 7 nm chip

By developer on March 24, 2019 0 Comments

The company Bitmain officially announced the 7 nm chip of the new generation with the code name BM1397. According to the declared characteristics, the new chip significantly exceeds its predecessors in terms of performance and energy efficiency.

BM1397 is focused on mining cryptocurrency on the SHA256 algorithm, including bitcoin and bitcoin cache. The chip’s efficiency reaches 30J / TH, which is 28.6% higher than the previous popular BM1391 chip.

Chip manufacturing was entrusted to the Taiwanese company TSMC, one of the leaders in the semiconductor industry and the leading supplier of chips for mining equipment.

Bitmain representatives also rushed to announce that the next-generation miners of the next generation, Antminer S17 and Antminer T17, will be installed on ASIC, but declined to give more detailed comments on this issue, saying only that the company will soon make an official announcement with detailed specifications.

Bitmain reported a loss of $ 500 million in the third quarter of 2018 a little earlier. So, against the background of such news, the announcements of the new chip and new models of the miners look like an attempt to rehabilitate themselves before investors and at least somehow smooth out the negative consequences. Simply put, it seems that the company is all bad, but they are trying to hold on.

In addition, the company does not give up trying to get through to an IPO, which may give the company the necessary funding and allow it to hold out until the next wave of hype or partially retrain in another direction.

Also, representatives of another Chinese mining company, Ebang, which controls 9.2% of the global market for cryptocurrency equipment, said they plan to produce 400,000 new devices this year, which is two and a half times more than in 2017 (159,000 units equipment) and is comparable to the figures for 2018 (the exact number of devices sold in 2018 is not known, but in the first half of this year 309,000 units were sold, then the figures dropped significantly).

All the same, they can be released in limited quantities and nothing terrible will happen. What if the crypt breaks through and all forecasts are no longer true? Nobody knows. how it will be and it does not mean. that you need to sit and do nothing.

If you have already made an announcement, they will not retreat further. Such companies will not be at a loss to produce equipment for mining, because surely there are many other assets, on which they earn even more money.

It will be good to think about this proposal, because earlier I used exclusively cloud services + I tried my skills on mining on a video map.

Would you have invested your money at 10-15 percent a year and at the same time with such a risk that could be? There is a very small percentage and very large risks. I think this is not entirely relevant.

If there were several hundreds of thousands of dollars free, then perhaps I would have risked investing them, but for now I have completely different plans and there is no money.

For me, this is the most successful company that can only be unique to it. In any case, let them release. Let’s see what kind of product.

If you started with this company, then there will definitely be no way back. It will be difficult to believe in some other equipment, when at least once used it.

There are so many people who hold such an opinion. This is understandable, why this is so, because it can not be otherwise. They first won the market and then began to work on their credibility.

It would be strange if, according to its characteristics, it would be worse for the product that was released earlier. It is better not so often, but so that the difference was visible.

Advertising does a good job. The stronger it is, the more success you can count on. This company has never had any problems with this either.

The point is not even in advertising, but in how much all this costs money, because it is very expensive, even if you look at analogs that were worth two more years ago.

I read announcements all the time and know how everything happens, who releases what, but still you don’t keep up with it all, much less try all innovations.

It is suitable for those who always have a few thousand dollars to spare so that they can change equipment normally and make their operations more profitable.

Just few people earn money on equipment, because even if you buy the newest one, then it’s not a fact that it will cost you a penny a year later.

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