Bitcoin is impossible to crush in the usual ways

By developer on March 25, 2019 0 Comments

Andreas M. Antonopulus, a well-known supporter of Bitcoin, said that in the future financial institutions will become part of the blockchain space, the main advantage of which is decentralization. A feature of such a system is that no one is responsible for it and no one controls it. This is a joint project and therefore it can not be controlled by any single organization.

“The majority of financial companies are trying to conduct business taking the fundamental idea as a basis, but at the same time without changing the fundamental practice,” said Antonopulus.

According to Antonopulus, financial companies “emit the acceptance of the principle”, creating a “something” that can be controlled, since the nature of financial corporations is a complete centralization. Even if decentralization makes the economy more sustainable, corporations will still stand for complete control over financial flows.

“Companies that have implemented the blockchain technology will be able to grow faster. However, in principle, they can buy a ticket to the future, as they have the means to do so. Nevertheless, there are several things that they can not buy, for example, innovation and creativity”, the expert told.

If an innovative idea, which contradicts the main principles, emerges inside a financial company or corporation, it will be destroyed within 72 hours. If radical ideas are born outside the company, they will either buy it or sue those who promote it.

However, all these methods are not applicable to Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, since they can not be bought or sued them because they do not belong to anyone. For the same reason, governments can not regulate them. Yes, the users themselves have no such need.

“For the first time in 75 years, traditional financial institutions are faced with a competitor who can not be destroyed by the old and familiar methods. They have not yet begun to panic, but the onset of this event is inevitable. ”

On the one hand, this is very good, but on the other, not very. On the downsides of such a system can talk forever. Therefore, many do not want to move resources, which will always be under total control.

We need to look not at what the price for it is now, but with a great prospect for the future. Do you even read how much it can be in a year or two? You can believe in it, but you don’t.

This is very strong cryptocurrency, which can not be destroyed. It continues to grow no matter what. It took a long time to sit on the same level, but the fact itself. The result of the growth dynamics we all see, starting in 2009, when Bitcoin cost a penny at all.

Just do not give rise. so someone is profitable. Just so no one would forbid and did not do everything so that people like that could be misinformed. Confuse and make them begin to worry about what they are doing.

This is a lot. No one will voluntarily pay taxes normally with such a rate, because it is really a objection. Why do existing businessmen pay much less?

Well, we all understand this, but all the same, they are worried that the cryptocurrency is likely to plug the entire banking system, and these are very large losses.

They already gave it a sort of status, approved it, but at the same time they came up with a tax, which is generally not beneficial to anyone. So such reforms are generally useless.

This is a mystery, because all the same, every day thousands of different cryptocurrencies are created and it seems to me that this is not just because there is demand and therefore there will always be supply. You just need to give impetus to large investors to believe it and to finally go big growth.

What cryptocurrency can be a competitor of Bitcoin, if it pulls the whole market with it? For myself, I don’t see such a crypt with so much potential at all.

Maybe there is no such cryptocurrency, because it has not yet come out and maybe it already is, but it is trading at the level of $ 1-2 and thus is not interesting for investors at all.

They release new corporate property, because everyone understands who does it, how much money can be earned, if the project develops, how much investment can be obtained.

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