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At the moment, anyone who is at least a little familiar with the cryptocurrency industry, certainly knows the Binance exchange. However, just a few people know that the site was founded relatively recently – in the summer of 2017, but at the same time, by the same winter, it had become the leading platform in terms of trading volume.

This success is justified, since the exchange has a rather convenient interface, many cryptocurrencies are supported, a good level of security and a number of other advantages.

It is necessary to fill in all the fields and go through the captcha, thus proving that you are not a bot. This point is confusing for some people, but there is nothing complicated. You just need to drag the slider to the desired area.

Verification on the stock exchange is needed in order to be able to display large amounts. Immediately after registering you have the first level, which allows you to display up to 2 BTC per day. The second level provides the ability to operate with an amount of 100 BTC. You must provide your passport data and send a photo of the document confirming your identity to obtain it. If you are interested in a higher amount, then you need to contact support for instructions.

Exchange provides all modern services to protect your account. First of all, it is anti-phishing code, by setting which you can avoid phishing attacks. The second is SMS Authentication. Specify your phone number and before each entry or financial transaction it will receive SMS with a confirmation code. Well and the last is Google Authentication. You need to install the application on your smartphone to use it. Before each entry into the account you will need to go into the application and see the code and then enter it into the required line.

As mentioned above, the exchange supports a huge number of different altcoins. You need to find the “Balance” tab in the navigation menu to deposit and withdraw funds. You will be given a page with all supported assets and the possibility of depositing / withdrawing funds. To carry out the operation is quite simple. For example, to replenish an account, click “Deposit”, select the required cryptocurrency, get the address of your wallet and you can send money to it. The output is similar. Insert the address of the wallet in the desired line, enter the desired amount of output and press the output button (Withdraw).

Please note that the minimum withdrawal amount is 0.002 BTC (if you are interested in Bitcoin). In this case, a fee is charged, which is necessary to confirm the transaction. The exchange does not take any commissions.

In the middle is the schedule of the trading pair. Please note that the exchange supports the TradingView chart. This allows you to use all the available technical analysis tools (although in my subjective opinion this is a useless exercise on cryptocurrencies). On the left is a glass of applications. On the right, you can select the desired trading pair. It is worth noting that the trade is carried out in relation to BNB, BTC, ETH / XRP or stable coin, of which there are 5 at the moment. You can see the trading history below. Below the TradingView chart, you can place orders. There are currently 3 market, limit (pending) and stop orders (stop loss or take profit).

The main advantage of the Binance Exchange is its own token, which has a business model and therefore is quite in demand. Firstly, it can be used to reduce commission costs. You need to buy it and put a tick in your account, which indicates that BNB will be removed as a commission. Initially, it could be used to reduce commissions by 50%, now at 25%. Over time, the rate will gradually decline.

Thirdly, IEO is often held at Binance, for participation in which it is necessary to walk BNB coins for three weeks. It also creates an increased demand for coins.

Thanks to the above points, BNB is steadily growing in price and is a good tool for profit. The coin is so strongly supported by the developers and the community that even during a strong fall, BTC holds its ground.

Binance cryptocurrency exchange has established itself as an excellent platform with a high level of security from the first days of its existence. Moreover, there were already a few studies from various analytical groups that declared the winding up of trading volumes by various sites. The Binance exchange has never been seen in such frauds, but at the same time it is consistently kept in the top in terms of trading volumes.

Without verification, I’ll have enough to completely output 2 Bit-per-day))) I started working on cryptocurrency not so long ago, so I didn’t have that much on my wallets for a long time.

As long as the exchanges are new, then in principle everything is working fine, because if there was an opposite result, then this exchange would definitely not reach the level at which it is now located.

I want to believe that this project will not turn out to be another fraud or some kind of pyramid, because it is very frustrating when you find out that you just wanted to earn money and in fact there is no utility or value in this.

You just need to be able to withdraw money quickly from such projects and then you lose nothing, but only gain at least experience and the next time it will be easier.

Some even managed to earn money on MMM, so this is not an indicator at all. Now you can earn everything, but for this you need to make perseverance.

If this exchange of cryptocurrency will develop normally, then there will be no problems at all with the choice of exchange. It is enough to have several such good exchanges and in principle it is not necessary anymore.

If there is such a big growth in a year, how can you say that the exchange is not very good? There are some exchanges which reputation is not so hot, but at the same time there is still a lot of demand.

After a while, there can be a lot of negative reviews, as often happens. So now it may just be PR, but I want to believe that this is really true.

The exchange will not stand still and in any case will develop very strongly. Therefore there are no options here. If you have already taken the first place, then they will continue to do so.

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